Balloon paperApp is a new type of game combining both a book and an iPad®.


With this paper video game you get both a regular book and a pop-up paper hot air balloon to lay on top of your iPad screen.

You are the hot air balloon pilot, and you will discover an ever changing world as you fly with the wind.

With your fingers, you can control the wind's direction to have your Balloon lift up or go down, to land on the ground, fly through the clouds, hit tags on the ground and pass close to birds and other characters.


Two types of Gameplay are possible:


• In the classical Game, you pilot a virtual hot air balloon with your fingers.


• In another game version, you lay the hot air balloon pop-up on top of your iPad screen, and will be able to see your balloon magically take off and drift gracefully over the land.


This is the first book of the paperApp* collection by les éditions volumiques.


* Game combining a book and an interactive App


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© les éditions volumiques 2012


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• Concept and Art direction : Étienne Mineur

• Development : Julien Hognon

• Sound design : Jean-Jacques Birgé & Sacha Gattino

• Thank's to Julie Stephen Chheng

• Age: 3 and beyond

• Langages: English/French

• Support: iPad 1 & iPad2

• The book is printed on Gesso Tintoretto, 300g/m2

• Book size 900/90 mm (open)

• printer : Expression2 / Paris / France

• les éditions volumiques 2012